Check CDL - Check CDL - Provides employers with the tools to run an employee Commercial Driver License (CDL) background checks through our secure online server, with instant report results in all 50 states. In addition, CDL driver license monitoring is available. Once you become a client, we will provide you with a permanent username and password that will allow you to log into our servers to run and review MVR reports 24/7. Most driver reports, can be retrieved within 3-5 seconds from the drivers’ licensing state and will include everything that is on the driver's record.

As one of the leading online commercial driver background screeners in the country, we offer the necessary tools to properly screen your drivers and to assist you through the hiring process. Employers can run anyone of the driver checks; driver MVR check, CDL Instant Driving Records (MVR), PSP Crash and Inspection History, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) and Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS) check. For more information of these services please click on the above tab labeled "Products".

In addition, we offer employers our Commercial Driver License Monitoring after they have run an MVR check on their drivers. This with insure your company that if there are any negative activity on a drivers’ driver license that you will be informed. Such as driver suspension, speeding tickets, DWI, etc.

To utilize our services and become a client, you must complete our application and faxed or emailed back to us, our fax number and email address is located on the application.  You can download our application by clicking on the above PDF Application icon.  When we receive your application and process it, we will then provide you with a username and password, at which time you will then be able to perform your driver background checks.
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Online Commercial Driver License (CDL) Background Check